The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Department of Ophthalmology Welcomes the USEIR

The UAB Department of Ophthalmology is pleased to announce the addition of the USEIR to its clinical and research resources. The Department has a long-standing committment to the care eye injuries as well as research regarding their causes and consequences. Building upon the breadth and dedication of the USEIR community, the Department's clinical and research resources will be used to extend and amplify the USEIR's impact on eye injuries.

What is USEIR?

USEIR is a federation of individual state eye injury registries, collecting data in a standardized manner and sharing data via a common database. USEIR documents serious eye injuries (injuries judged by the reporting ophthalmologist to have a likelihood of resulting in permanent structural or function damage to the eye and/or orbit). USEIR is a volunteer, bylaws-driven organization governed by officers regularly elected by the directors of participating state registries.

Goals of USEIR Include:

  1. To promote descriptive epidemiology of eye injuries, facilitating both analytical epidemiology research and development of preventive strategies.
  2. To allow data collection on treatment outcomes.
  3. To propose clinical trials to identify best treatment modalities.
  4. To develop and implement utilization of an Ocular Trauma Scoring (OTS) system to make eye injury assessment consistent and accurate, aiding both prognostication and management.
  5. To disseminate information regarding eye injury prevention and management to both the public and professional community.


Please direct all questions regarding the USEIR, including how to become a new member of the USEIR, to Dr. Gerald McGwin (mcgwin@uab.edu).